Benefits of home canning and pickle

Сanned vegetablesSuffice it to say that the store bought canned foods tends to be a part of the typical families consumption on a daily basis. The problem with that is that they tend to cost a lot. The solution lies in doing the canning yourself. Of course a lot of persons may wonder what the benefits are from that.  It not only cuts back on what is spent buying grocery but is healthier in the long run.

Nowadays a lot can be heard on the news about various canned products that are recalled by manufacturers for various reasons. The thing is that the average consumer may not be totally aware of the types of chemicals that are used the growing, manufacturing and canning if the foods that one can buy in the supermarket. In addition to that the techniques and places that are used for processing are a mere mystery. That is what tends to spark concern among a number of persons.

Fresh vegetables and fruits that are grown in a backyard garden or purchased from an organic farmers market are the best products to use for home canned food. It is prudent that one asks the farmer how the crops are grown to ensure that what you purchase is safe for not only yourself but the family as well. Once you have the right information and instructions preserving and canning foods will become second nature. It really is a stress free process that can be fun.

There are quite a number of ways to can foods like pickles. Typically for foods like pickles, jellies, relishes or jams water bath canning is best as these foods all have a high acidic content. They have to be exposed to a temperature of at least two hundred and twelve degrees Fahrenheit to have all the bacteria eliminated. Of course the processing time will vary based on jar size, food type and container used.

For the foods that have a low acidic content like   vegetable pressure canning is used. To get rid of the bacteria the temperature has to be at least two hundred and forty degrees Fahrenheit.

Another way to process home canned food is to do freezing. It works well for vegetables and fruits. It requires you to blanch the food and then place them in cold water to slow down the enzymatic reaction. There is also drying which has been done since the dawn of time and works well to preserve vegetables, fruits and meats. It does not require much storage space and is preferred by many a home maker.

The great thing about home canned food like pickles is that it not only allows you to preserve fresh organic food but also guarantees that what is being consumed buy the family is safe.

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