Dispel Some Myths about Home Canning

Home canning is basically the process of preserving food by putting it in jars and then heating the jars to kill bacteria and other micro organisms that can cause harm to the food. It is one of the oldest ways to retain freshness, taste and nutrition of the food. Home canning has been there for long but still people are maintaining some myths about it. Some of these myths are discussed in this article.

Home canning is expensive and lengthy process

Most people think that canning is very expensive. But actually, canning is very reasonable in terms of cost. Most of the utensils used in it can be found easily in anybody’s home. Moreover purchasing them from market is also not very costly. Beside, one time investment on canning equipments can enable you to home can for a long period of time.

Also there is a rumor that home canning is a lengthy process. But believe this fact, it’s not going to take a whale of a time. Besides it will also save your time of going to market again and again for your favorite foods. If you do whole the processing in one day and don’t procrastinate anything, your home canning will be done in a timely manner.

Contradictory assumption about home canning

Worst part of the story is, people assume that home canned food doesn’t remain good for long. This is the main purpose of home canning then how can it be ignored. Home canned food is as good as store canned food. Veterans of the field claim that home canning is capable of keeping food safe for at least one year. Though, to be on the safer side it should be consumed within one tear but storing your food for one year and eat it irrespective of season is really a worthwhile idea.

Other myths about home canning

One more misconception about canning is that it has gone extinct. People think that canning has gone out of trend so they will look silly doing so but it’s coming back in fashion rapidly. Since when people have come to know the malpractices employed in packing, preserving and storing food; they have shown an interest in canning. So it’s quite trendy these days.

And for those who deem home canning unsafe, come over it. Canning recipes and procedures have been defined by experts after making sure they are perfectly safe. But remember, you must understand these guidelines properly and follow them literally. Besides some people think that they should be adroit cooks to do perfect home canning. But this assumption is completely groundless. You can successfully home can despite of not being a veteran cook. Guidelines for home canning are quite easy to understand. Anybody can comprehend them and initiate a good canning campaign.

Moreover, storing home canned food is considered to be a hassle. As we all know we need cool and dark place to keep home canned food in best condition. You can easily find such places in your home. It can be in your garage, under your bed, in store room or somewhere else. You just need to have creative thinking.

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  1. I love canning! I never in a million years that I would even consider it! The problem is that I keep eating my blueberry and cherry preserves, that I am supposed to save for the winter months! LOL I can’t help it! Thanks for spreading your knowledge of canning! I look forward to more of your posts! Brandi-SuperGirlSavings

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