The Ultimate Checklist for Home Canning

Home canning is very popular even among those who live in large cities. In the end, it makes a lot of sense. Many people are recognizing the benefits of home canning and are now acknowledging that home canning can be the solution to a lot of problems.  If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you already know how you’re going to benefit from it.


How Can You Start?

You have already done your research so you are now at the next step towards home canning which is to gather the necessary tools and equipment.  It goes without saying that you cannot succeed in this venture if you do not have the right tools and equipment.  At the very least, having the right tools and equipment can make things easier for you.

Are you ready to start canning?  Check out this list to see if you are ready to start:

[amazon_image id=”B0001UZL8A” target=”_blank” size=”Medium” link=”true” container=”” container_class=”” ] Water-Bath Canner with Rack[/amazon_image]Boiling water canner (with a rack).

Of course, it is a must that you process most of the food that you are going to can by heating it. While it is true that most deep pots with a lid will do, it is a good idea to purchase a boiling water canner since it is designed to do the job effectively and efficiently.  However, if you are just starting and you’re going to use smaller jars, a deep pot with a lid will suffice.  Just make sure that it has a rack.

[amazon_image id=”B00006ISG8″ target=”_blank” size=”Small” link=”true” container=”” container_class=”” ]Pressure Canner[/amazon_image]


Pressure canner. If you are really serious with home canning, it is a must that you purchase a pressure canner. This is perfect if you want to can meats, fish and poultry.


[amazon_image id=”B000VDYUJI” target=”_blank” size=”Medium” link=”true” container=”” container_class=”” ]Wide mouth mason jars[/amazon_image]Jars. Don’t forget the jars!  No, you are not really going to use cans for home canning.  Jars make more sense because you can buy them easily just about anywhere, and you do not need special equipment to seal jars.  Obviously, you need jars that can withstand intense heat so glass jars are the only viable option.  Glass jars are also built to last a very long time so they are a great value for the money.  Just make sure to check for any defects.  The last thing that you want is to have pieces of shards in your preserved foods.  Make sure that there are no chipped areas.  Run your finger all around the jars, especially the top part where you screw the lid on.  You can also learn how to choose the right type of canning jars here. With this in mind, invest in high-quality jars so they will last you a very long time.

[amazon_image id=”B000BWY314″ target=”_blank” size=”Small” link=”true” container=”” container_class=”” ]Regular Mouth Lids and Bands[/amazon_image]Lids and bands for jars.  You must use specialized lids because they help in preserving your food.  They are made with tin-plated steel that does not affect the food.  This is very important because some foods react when they come in contact with some metals.

Bands are very important for home canning as well.  These bands are threaded so they should fit perfectly with the jars.  They hold a very important function, which is to hold the lid in place to ensure that the foods are preserved.

Here is the bad news.  These lids can only be used once.  This means that you have to throw them away after use.  The good news is you can re-use the bands and the jars.  Of course, this is assuming that they are free from defects.

[amazon_image id=”B001V9K8A6″ target=”_blank” size=”Small” link=”true” container=”” container_class=”” ]Canning Kit[/amazon_image]

Anything Else? There are also utensils that you have to purchase to make sure that the process is easier and safer. While they are not a must, it is a good idea to buy them.  Here are the utensils that you can buy:

Jar lifter. Have you ever tried lifting a very hot jar out of very hot water?  No, you probably haven’t because you know that it is not a good idea to do so. A jar lifter helps you take out jars one by one without burning your hand with boiling water.

Funnel. Since you are preserving foods, there is a good chance that you are not a fan of food wastage.  A good funnel ensures that all foods go straight into the jar.

Ladle. A ladle is the perfect utensil to transfer the foods into the jars effectively and efficiently. You can transfer big quantities at a time, and a ladle prevents wastage when used with a funnel.

What Should You Do Now?

Hopefully, this checklist encouraged you to continue with home canning.  Just about anyone can gather all the necessary tools and equipment.  Look around the house to see if you have some or all of these items.  If you are missing some of them, you can buy them online easily. In just a few days, you’ll be ready to start canning at home which can help you preserve foods that you can use later on.

2 Responses to The Ultimate Checklist for Home Canning

  1. Tammy says:

    Not a good idea to use the lids that came with the jars? Why not? If you buy a box of canning jars, they come with the lids you are SUPPOSED to use with them.

  2. HomeCanningGuide says:

    You are right, Tammy!
    But not all the lids are suitable for canning. However, I corrected the article for a better understanding. Thank you for help, Tammy!

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