Some Facts Most People Do Not Know About Canning Pots

Canning-potCanning is a kitchen art that goes back in time at least 200 years. Canning is the original way to store vegetables, fruits, and even meats over long periods of time. The practice of canning paved the way to the development of canned goods which most people purchase and use on a daily basis.  Even though purchasing canned foods such as green beans and tomatoes is convenient and easier, the art of canning still exists today. With a variety of canning pots available the art of canning is becoming more popular among those who never thought about canning in the first place.

Canning Pots Are Necessary

Canning pots are one of the most necessary pieces of canning equipment that any person who is going to can will need. Without a good canning pot the process of canning food is hopeless. This is mainly because canning pots are designed specifically for the process of canning foods for long term storage. A regular pot or pressure cooker will not work and in fact these items can actually hurt your canning jars and lids.

Where to Find Canning Pots

Canning pots can be found at any department store where canning supplies are sold. You can also purchase them online. Many families who have practiced the art of canning for decades usually already have one to pass down to the next family member to take up canning.

Types of Canning Pots

There are a few different canning pots available for purchase and use. The two most commonly purchased pots are water bath pots and pressures pots. Between these two forms, pressure pots are the better choice for canning.

Pressure canning pots are better because they use pressure and not just steam to successfully and safely seal the canned foods. In addition, bacteria are not always killed off when foods are canned when using a water bath pot. This is because the temperature cannot get high enough. But, when a person cans while using a pressure canning pot the temperature does get high enough to kill off bacteria. This is especially important when a person is canning meat.

Pressure canning pots work by applying pressure caused by heat and steam inside the sealed pot to force air out of canning jars and therefore sealing the lids to the jars. This is why you hear a “pop” when you break the seal on a glass jar. The canning pot is heated to a specific temperature that is indicated within the manufacturer’s instructions. The newly filled canning jars are placed inside the pot with the lids placed on them. The jars are left in the pot for a specified amount of time and then are removed. Once removed the person must hand tighten each lid as the expulsion of air will sometimes loosen the outer lid.

Canning pots come in a variety of sizes and colors. Of course the color doesn’t affect the products ability to perform but it is usually nice to be able to choose a color you like. As for the size, it’s usually best to choose a pot that can hold at least 3 jars at a time. Otherwise, your canning activity could take a lot longer than you planned to finish.

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