Helpful Tips on Storing and Organizing Your Canned Foods

Canned Food StorageI feel it’s a good thing that a lot of people are now recognizing the benefits of home canning. They make the necessary investments and take the time and effort to learn how to can foods correctly. Through their efforts, they are able to can several jars of foods. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not realize that canning is just half the job. If you want to really succeed in home canning, especially for storage purposes, you should know how to store and organize the canned foods properly.

Problems Encountered with Improperly Stored and Organized Foods

You will encounter the following issues with improperly stored and organized foods: spoilage, wastage, inefficiency, lack of space

With improper storing and organizing, you will not see the food that will expire soon. You also will not see if you need to can more of a specific food or if you are canning too much of a food. Soon, you will run out of storage space. Further, you will end up wasting a lot of jars in the process.

Useful Tips for Proper Storage and Organization

In order to store and organize properly your canned foods, here are some tips to follow:

Label the jars correctly.

This is the most important tip. Labelling the canning jars will provide you with important information such as the contents, the date when you preserved the food, the expiration date, and the recipe. How can labelling help you? First, knowing the contents of the jars is a no-brainer. After all, you have to know what was stored in them to avoid opening jars just to find out what is inside of them. Second, knowing the preservation and expiration dates is equally important so you will know the time period you have to eat the canned foods to avoid spoilage and wastage. Lastly, you can organize the jars better if they are labelled correctly.

Store jars at eye level or close to it.

If your jars are at eye level, you can check on them regularly and can easily get the needed foods. After all, you wouldn’t want to “store and forget” because that defeats the purpose of home canning. You must always be aware of what you have stored; this is why you need to check jars regularly.

Store strategically.

There are different strategies when it comes to storing and organizing canned foods. For example, some people store them in such way that the least-eaten foods are behind the frequently eaten foods. This makes sense if you regularly eat your canned foods so you don’t have to go through the canned foods that you’re reserving just to find the foods that you want.

On the other hand, some people store them in such a way that they are lined up according to their contents. This is why labelling is important. For example, you can store pickles in one line and apples in the next line. This way, all you need to do is to grab the first one in line.

You can also store according to expiration date. Store those that will be expiring soon in front so you can eat them before they go bad.

Store in clear jars.

You should always be aware of the contents of the jars. This is why it doesn’t make sense to store them in tinted jars. While proper labelling will solve this issue, it is still better to make sure that you see what is inside. On that note, you should also store them in such a way that you can easily see the contents. This is why storing jars at eye-level makes sense.

Rotate the foods.

By rotating the foods, it means that you eat them regularly. There is no point in canning foods that you don’t eat. Even if you are storing them for emergency purposes, it also makes sense to eat them regularly and just replace the ones you ate with new ones. This way, you can be sure that the foods you store are always good and relatively fresh.

Let’s say that you are storing foods so that you will have something to eat for three months in case of a devastating calamity. What would happen if you were left with foods that will expire in a month or two? By properly rotating the foods, you will have foods that won’t soon expire. Just be sure to practice FIFO or first in, first out.

Be Effective and Efficient at Home Canning

By following these tips, you can be more effective and more efficient at home canning. This means more success for you and of course, more satisfaction for your family. You will have stored foods that will last longer, and you will have an easier time finding your jars in storage. Since they are properly organized, there is no need to play hide and seek!

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  1. Autism Blog says:

    I find with my parent’s they are terrible for rotating. Awesome that they love to share, but afraid of dates when they actually made. Could end up with a combination of 10 year old peaches or last months. Have tried over the years to get them to even just throw on a date with the label, but you know how parents can be.
    Great tips, thanks!

  2. HomeCanningGuide says:

    Thank you!

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