Why I made a site about home canning and pickling

A lot of persons may wonder why this website was created in the first place. The main thing is that a lot of persons are now realizing the benefits of having fresh, chemical free foods in their homes and the age old tradition of having home canned food like pickles is becoming more and more prevalent.

In the early nineteen hundreds a lot of families had large gardens filled with vegetables and the larders were nicely stocked with preserved stews, vegetables, fruits and soups. As time went on and the industrialized world became more of a reality that trend started to wane and persons started to become more dependent on the manufactured product.

I remember the days when I was with my grandmother and her days were filled with picking the nicest and juiciest tomatoes, cucumbers and pickles and then went about the process of preserving them for future use. Back then home canned food was a staple in most households. The family was much healthier and a lot of money was being saved. Somehow that tradition has fallen between the cracks and is fast becoming a thing of the past.

Thankfully as more persons become more health conscious there has been a steady increase in the purchase of pressure canners. Also more and more information is being put out on the benefits of growing what you eat. Healthier lifestyles are being introduced in schools and communities. As such this website is here to highlight the long lost art of preparing home canned food. It is a resource of knowledge on how to get it done quickly and efficiently.

The great thing is that once it is done right the process of canning food can have a homeowner with food that can be kept for up to ten years once stored properly. With the increase in the number and frequency of natural disasters this is a great bit of news.

It is a known fact that fresh grown produce has the highest level of nutritional content especially when it is fully mature. The great thing with home canned food is that it does tend to retain this level of nutritional content as it is all sealed up tight.

The sad thing is that a lot of persons are still stuck on the monotony of buying conveyor manufactured goods. The aim of this website is not only to open the eyes of the reader to the old tradition of preparing home canned food like pickles but to act as a sort of forum in which the learning process can be nurtured. Experiences can be shared and new methods can be revealed. If you have ever opened up a can of home grown pickles then you know what great taste is all about!