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Drying Food

Are you thinking about drying foods to preserve them? Just about every season has some food you can dry, and the variety of dried foods is significant – from berries in the summer to wild game jerky in the fall. Vegetables like corn and green beans can be dried, and all sorts of fruits – including even bananas and apples which are available year-round in most grocery stores

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Culinary Herbs

This book is an excellent guide to growing and using culinary herbs. Because this book was published about a hundred years ago, it contained only natural methods of cultivation, preservation and preparation of culinary herbs. You will learn how to grow, dry, store and use more than 30 types of culinary herbs such as dill, fennel, lavender, mint, parsley, rosemary…

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CanningFreezingCanning and Freezing Foods

This guide was created to help you learn the basics about canning and freezing. From what equipment you’ll need to foods that can and freeze the best.
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Collection of Easy to Make Orange Recipes

This e-book contains over a hundred recipes that can be made from oranges! Puddings, pies, jellies, syrups, marmalades and much much more …

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